Great CEO's See the Importance of Being Understood

Great CEOs See the Importance of Being Understood

“Fly the Friendly Skies” - United Airlines

This clear and straightforward line seems to do exactly what it is supposed to: provide employees with direction and guidance, and tells customers what to expect.  

So how’s it working?  Not too well if recent stories on service breakdowns are any indication.  

Harvard Business Review highlights the need for companies to be understood in a recent article, but too often the mission, values and vision don’t have the impact the business desires.  I say the message often fails to resonate as a result of a fundamental  misunderstanding of the way people actually process information and make decisions.

Humans are not the logical beasts on whom classic economics builds their models; rather we are wired in ways that cause us to be short sighted, easily swayed or paralyzed by the decisions we face.

Increasingly, great CEO’s understand the need for greater insight into how their employees and customers actually make decisions and are reaching out to teams that can help.   Understood Productions is a behavioral insights consultancy that smartly leverages behavioral economics to help companies #beunderstood.   Great CEO’s should reserve some time with us.

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