We’re Not Perfect

We’re not perfect.  

It wasn’t a surprise to us either, but we do feel a little dazed that we missed an important behavioral economics factor.  However, since we want to connect with our clients, and be good leaders in the BE world, we realized we needed to make a change.

Behavioral economics teaches us that consumers enter into a relationship with a brand, company, product or service with a set of beliefs.  Those beliefs drive experiences and evaluations, and ultimately the expectations.  We knew this but missed it when it came to our name.

See, we loved the name Understood Productions.  It sounded cool, quirky; it represented who we wanted to be as a company.  We thought we could convince our clients that ‘productions’ meant what we wanted it to mean.  What we missed is ‘productions’ means media to the consumer, no matter how hard we tried to get everyone to believe that we can produce behavioral economic solutions.  

We took a step back, did some BE testing and learned ‘productions’ in our name didn’t explain who we are and what we do.  Therefore, we looked at the what, the how, the why and decided that our main purpose is connections.  We want to connect our clients with their consumers, and conversely have consumers know companies so well they want to connect with them.  We make these connections through understanding decision-making drivers by way of behavioral economics.  Our name has to say exactly that.

Introducing Understood Connections, a behavioral insights consultancy.  We exist to help our clients smartly leverage BE, creating positive consumer experiences to drive decision making and choices.  Connecting with us means you will understand behavioral economics through our interactive and engaging workshops, be understood as an organization with our deep-dive consulting, and can implement an innovative replication created by our partners at Duke University’s Common Cents Lab.

We have a cool new logo to go with our perfect new name, courtesy of our creative partner Eric Demski of Neo9 Design.  Let us know what you think; drop us a tweet, send us a GIF on Facebook or simply write us an email and we’ll connect with you in kind.

And, thanks for understanding.

Understood Connections

A Behavioral Insights Consultancy




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