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Learn To Positively Impact Consumers


Understood Connections just conducted our first open workshop for 2018, and the experience for both the participants and the UC staff was wonderful.  Participants came from a number of different industries, presenting Credit Unions, Insurance Companies, Universities,  Staffing and Training, Churches, Payments Companies and Marketing Firms.  We held it at HQ Greensboro, a terrific venue that much of the Greensboro Community has yet to fully appreciate.  All came together to learn what all this fuss is about in the emerging field of Behavioral Economics (BE).


During the day we discussed the work of the founding fathers of BE, including Daniel Kahneman, Amos Tversky,  Richard Thaler and Dan Ariley and reviewed some of their ground breaking work.  We introduced Thaler’s concept of being a choice architect; that every message, process, price, product or service structure has the potential to influence the way consumers analyze choices and make decisions. We demonstrated a number of the supposedly irrelevant factors that actually do impact consumer behaviors.  Finally we provided a framework that participants can use to put all this powerful intelligence to good use.


The day flew by, we had great interaction with the participants and we were gratified by the feedback.  We heard time and time again they learned things they were anxious to put to work within their respective organizations.  


Why don’t you join us for the next open workshop?  Our next one is scheduled for April 18th in Biotech Place in Winston-Salem.  We have a limited number of seats still available – don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn how to become a choice architect and improve your connections with customers, clients, members and employees.


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