Everybody Needs Somebody


Everybody Needs Somebody

Behind the need to communicate is the need to share. Behind the need to share is the need to be understood.

-Leo Rosten

we appeal to key decision makers who are ready to do things differently


Decisions are made every day, but how?  Surprisingly, people are not as rational or predictable as Mr. Spock.  Instead, people often act like Homer Simpson relying on emotions, hunches or intuition.  This can result in negative repercussions that can last a lifetime.

In walks behavioral economics (BE).  Unlike traditional economics, which assumes decisions are made sensibly and logically, BE shows how people make decisions in real life when faced with choices.

Understood Connections can break down those decision-making processes used by your employees and customers by applying behavioral economics so that you can better understand and guide the decisions being made.  All of this is done to drive positive change through your products, services and organization.

Losing Team Winning Team

Interesting, right?

Behavioral Economics could be the missing piece preventing your team from being all-stars. Find out more.

Be In The Know

Gaining insight into how BE affects the players on your team is the first step to overall success. 

Understand Decision Making

  1. Our FREE blog highlights current work in the field of behavior economics and provides tips on ways to think about applying behavioral economic concepts to solve real world problems you may be facing.
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  2. Our fee-based subscription newsletter provides a monthly deep dive into a specific topic in the field of behavioral economics and outlines specific applications of its use.  The newsletter also outlines case studies detailing how firms have put these topics to use and their experience and results, providing you a basis to apply these techniques. Begin to Understand!
  3. Our onsite workshops walk you and your team through the fundamentals of behavioral science and behavioral economics, focusing on one of four topics: BE boot camp; psychology of pricing; employee incentives; dishonesty in the workplace. Invite Us to Your Place!
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Innovation Replication

We partner with Dan Ariely’s Common Cents Lab to bring their innovative work to your financial institution. Using behavioral economic ideas tested under real life conditions, these solutions will reshape your organization to create new habits and sustainable healthy choices made by your members. Current projects include increasing deposits, tax time savingsmember engagement, earlier debt repayment, and weekly budgeting

Do the Right Thing!

Be Understood as an Organization

Our consulting team is available to do a deep dive into your organization and work with you to apply our techniques to solve your real life problems.

  1. Employee Engagement – Are your compensation and motivation systems not generating the results you need and expect? Our team will work with you to develop processes and messaging that enhances the employee experience to ensure your team is fully engaged.
  2. Customer Engagement – Are your customers/members not using your products and services the way you expected, resulting in lackluster results?
    1. We analyze your product portfolio, finding ways to reshape the mix to optimize adoption and retention.
    2. We provide recommendations on how to better utilize price points to modify behaviors. This can be an especially powerful tool to help you implement changes to your desired deposit mix in our rising rate environment.
    3. We structure messaging and positioning to improve customer/member attraction and retention

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“The danger of expecting nothing is that, in the end, it might be all we’ll get.”

― Dan ArielyPredictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions